GE Robinson carries over 2000m3 of pallet and packing timbers at their branches in Salford and Walsall, where facilities to re-saw, machine and cross cut to exact requirements are also available.

Timber pallets and packaging are subject to stringent plant health controls when crossing international borders. ISPM 15 Heat Treatment (HT) certification is now the internationally agreed standard for the treatment of all forms of packaging made from solid wood helping protect the world’s forests from disease and improving the time taken to access most Countries in the World.   All Kiln Dried Softwood sold by G E Robinson is also certified ‘HT’ (Heat Treatment) under ISPM 15 rules.

Categories of Kilning and Heat Treatment:

  • HT – Timber is heated in a Kiln until its core reaches 56 °C for at least 30 minutes.  In this process, moisture content (MC) is not significantly reduced but, undesired insects and fungi are destroyed
  • Kiln-Dried – Timber is dried to a predetermined MC (usually 20% for constructional use)
  • KD/HT – in this process, the benefits of moisture reduction are combined with those of Heat Treating

GE Robinson is also a major supplier of timber bearers (‘skids’) the Steel Industry. With a good selection of sizes and lengths, any size of order can be catered for.