GE Robinson are major importers of both Softwood and Hardwood Plywoods and carry a wide range comprising performance rated (structural)  products including Marine and Birch. Each is available in a range of thicknesses suitable for a variety of applications.

Plywood is an extremely versatile material suited to a wide range of applications from wall sheathing to floors and flat roofs. The raw material used in its manufacture can be of any timber species and, sometimes, a combination.  It is constructed by gluing a number of layers, called plys, veneers or laminations, together.  Usually the grain of each veneer will be at right angles to the adjacent one for strength.

Depending on its CE certification (performance rating), Plywood can be used structurally (CE2+) or for non-structural (CE4) applications. Certain types can be specified for differing end uses and ‘Service Life’ expectations, however it is critical that the correct grade be identified to match expectations and correct installation and maintenance procedures adopted. We will be pleased to guide you towards the right product.

All our Softwood and Hardwood Plywood is sourced from environmentally certified producers and is EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation) compliant.