TANALITH and VACSOL treatments extend the service life of timbers, making them a high performance material choice for a wide range of construction, landscaping and engineering applications.

Tanalith Family

High pressure treatments for building, fencing, landscaping and engineering timbers.

Timber is the most versatile product nature has to offer. However, it can also be vulnerable to the effects of the weather, wood decay and insect attack. v water based preservative treatments extend the service life of timber and help maintain its natural appearance. Timbers treated with TANALITH can be used with confidence in both above-ground and in-ground (subject to specification) situations including construction, fencing, landscaping and engineering applications.

Latest generation TANALITH is applied in a controlled, high pressure industrial process. It leaves the treated timbers with an initial pale green colouration that blends into any outdoor environment. Over time the TANALITH treated timbers slowly weather to a warm honey-brown colour and eventually to a natural silver grey.

GE Robinson’s High Pressure Treatment Process for Tanalith Wood Preservative

Tanalith Family Treatments User Guide

Vacsol Family

Timbers treated with VACSOL water based wood preservatives have an envelope of protection, through a proven low pressure application process. VACSOL provides a long term performance for low to medium risk interior and exterior construction and joinery timbers used above damp proof course level.

Vacsol Family Treatments User Guide

Fire Protection Family

The effects of fire can be fast and devastating, quickly ruining buildings and taking lives. DRICON fire retardant treatment offers a tried, tested and trusted industrially applied fire protection for timber and panel products providing complete assurance if a fire situation occurs. Proven long term fire protection for interior applications.

DRICON treatment dramatically reduces the surface spread of flame, heat and smoke release during a fire, giving vital extra time for a safe escape. DRICON has full independent certification for a range of species and thicknesses to meet the requirements of European Standard EN 13501-1. DRICON treatment impregnates all faces of the timber or board products, creating a permanent protection that requires no maintenance. This is a real benefit over short lived products and site applied and uncontrolled fire retardant coating products.