GE Robinson stock extensive range of high quality sawn joinery timber both redwood and whitewood. Raw is sourced throughout Europe and Russia with the majority coming from Scandinavia. A major factor affecting quality is the rate of growth. The area from which it is sourced has significant impact on this – the farther North usually provides a slower grown, better quality of timber and it from these regions we prefer.

European Redwood timber (Pinus Sylvestris or Scandinavian Pine) is imported from Sweden, Finland and Russia. The grades vary for different uses. Knots are common but their size and quantity vary according to the part of the tree from which it is cut and eventually graded. End uses include Furniture, Mouldings, Doors, Panelling, Construction & Flooring.

Timber is kilned prior to shipping, the moisture content is usually between 14% and 16%. Kiln Dried timber becomes stronger and more readily machined. It also becomes more stable, minimising unwanted movement as well as improving resistance to decay and the ability to treat with preservatives.

European Whitewood (Picea abies Abies) is a similar timber in terms of strength and working properties but less resinous. Again, this is typically used in joinery, construction and furniture manufacture. Lower grades are used in the packaging and construction sectors.

GE Robinson can offer a wide range of sizes and quality in Redwood and Whitewood for every need, in any volume from full loads to project quantities.